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CONECT Leadership Update

Our small but dedicated group has been quite busy working hard to learn the “ins and outs” of our new partnership with CONECT (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut ). We have attended a variety of “House Meetings” and have hosted these small group, story telling meetings with our own members. This process of gathering rich information about the social justice issues that mean the most in our own families, in our congregation, and across our region, will culminate in a CONECT General Assembly on May 24th. This event will be an energizing and inspiring gathering where we will discuss and ratify the launch of new Issues teams based on information gathered in the house meeting discussions. The General Assembly will be held both in person and online- AND YOU ARE ALL INVITED! Please register using the link.

Please do not let this long time spent conducting house meetings lead you to think we are “waiting” to start. CONECT has many active issues groups and has continued to work hard on key social justice issues. Here is a summary of recent accomplishments:

Criminal Justice Reform Group

Solitary confinement bill PASSED- limits circumstances and length of confinement [bill 1059]   

Work on a prison liens bill has been temporarily tabled [bill 5390] 

Mental Health/Health Care [Senate Bills 1&2]

3 major bills aimed at improving access are in the works- one passed May 10,2022! 

Mental health will likely be a major focus of CONECT’s work moving forward

Health care for the elderly will be a likely focus as well

Other Issue teams include working groups focused on Gun Violence and a Black Caucus team. Each Issue team meets monthly via zoom. Please reach out to Cher cherbear_b@yahoo.comor Jeff if you are interested in working on any of these teams. Or you can email Matt McDermott directly at to get on the email list for regular updates.  

In other news, UCG members contributed just under $1,000 to the UCC’s Ukraine Relief Fund. With matching funds from the Outreach budget, a check for $2,000 went out to the UCC this week. Thanks to your church pledges and offerings which support our UCG budget, we continue to support this initiative and our other community partners including Columbus House, New Haven Pride, Silver Lake Conference Center, and Youth Continuum who recently opened a shelter for homeless youth. More information on recent donations in our next update.  

The Service and Justice Ministry Team meets via Zoom on the first Tuesday of each month. Our next meeting is June 7th at 7pm. Please email Cher if you want to join us on a regular basis!

-From the Service and Justice Ministry Team 

(formerly known as the Outreach Committee)

Worship and Music

The Worship and Music Team Needs You!

We have a faithful but small team of volunteers who act as Digital Deacon and Zoom Coffee Hour Host on Sundays. The Digital Deacon monitors the live stream during the service. The Zoom Host starts the Zoom coffee hour, connecting folks on line with those at the church after worship. Both tasks are easy. All you need to be is willing to help out on an occasional Sunday either during or after the service.

If you’re interested or even just curious, talk to whoever is holding the laptop on Sunday. Or send an email to