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Haiku by Rolfe Gjellstad

         They faced hell on earth, 

          Laying down their lives for us.

          When will love conquer?

Sunday May 27th

Our Minister this Sunday will be our own Rev Edwin Perez, jr. Please join us!

The Annual Congregational Meeting

This year our Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday June 3rd during our Second Hour. Lunch will be served.

Agenda Items include:

  • Reports from all committees and from the Minister
  • Recognition of committee members ending their terms
  • Election of new committee members
  • Consideration of the proposed budget
  • Vote to accept Sean Patrick Cody as a Member in Discernment at United Church on the Green. 
  • All other issues the congregation wishes to discuss.  

All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. The proposed FY 2019 Operating Budget is available in our Front Office and on our website in the Members Page.  

A Celebration of Life - Geary S.Corves Jr.

You are cordially invited to celebrate Geary's life with his family and friends June 30th on what would have been his 95th birthday! There will be a memorial service in our Meeting House at twelve o'clock noon immediately followed by a reception at the Graduate Club which is located across the street on 155 Elm Street. Geary's family hopes you can attend this celebration of his amazing life and share your memories of him with others. Please RSVP by June 10th to Martha Corves 203-238-7180 (please leave a message). Designated parking will be offered to guests attending this celebration and will be furnished at a later date. 

Second Service Revival Worship

Rev. Edwin Perez, Jr. conducts our second worship service every Sunday at 11:30 this Sunday only. Enjoy special music and praise in his lively bi-lingual and joyful program which has been designed for those within the community who may appreciate a different Christian experience. It is a special bi-lingual, inclusive and progressively Pentecostal/ Charismatic musical worship service. The worship is entitled, "Feel the Spirit! ¡Siente El Espiritu!" Deacons Edwin Perez and Carlos Sanchez seek to provide love, welcoming and inclusion, with lively music and singing and a short reflection by your Pastor. We look forward to continuing to see you at one of our services - or even come to both!

Worship Bulletins

If you would like a copy of our most recent worship bulletin CLICK HERE.

stewardship message

My wife Pam and I have been members of this wonderful church since the early 80's and have seen many changes over these past nearly 40 years. One thing that has not changed during that time is the need for our members to support the church financially.

This has always been a "hard sell", as the church has been and continues to have a fairly (for an individual congregation) robust endowment. This usually generates the question, around this time of year, of "Why should I give to a church with this big an endowment?"This has always been a "hard sell", as the church has been and continues to have a fairly (for an individual congregation) robust endowment. This usually generates the question, around this time of year, of "Why should I give to a church with this big an endowment?" As a "sneak preview" of the budget that you can all will see on our Members Only Page, You should know that:

  • Omitting the income from the United Community Nursery School, the church operating budget for next year is $630,000.
  • Of that budgeted amount:
  • Slightly over half of it ($320,000) comes from the endowment.
  • A quarter of it comes from Annual Giving
  • The remainder comes from all other income sources (Parking Lot, Building Rental, etc.)
  • The income from the endowment represents 5.3% of the its value as of 4/30/18, slightly lower than the 5.5% considered to be reasonable to maintain the core value of the endowment.

There is also the issue of the United Community Nursery School, and the annual shortfall of income to cover expenses. Although the deficit has been greatly reduced by the efforts of Betty Baisden and Jack Russell, we still incur a persistent deficit of around $15,000 annually in running the UCNS.

So, if you really want more programs/outreach from our church, my challenge to you all today is: for those of you already doing annual giving, give more. I have increased my pledge by 10% for the coming year. And, as assistant treasurer, I have challenged the Board of Stewards to equal that increase. 

For those of you who are not doing annual giving, please start now! Annual giving is really easy...there are giving cards available from Pastor Bonnie, Treasurer Tim Bertaccini, Sr. Steward Jean Blue, and me. United Church also gives you the opportunity to give monthly by automatic withdrawal from your bank or charge to your credit card. You should also know that your Annual Giving can be cancelled at any time by talking to any of the folks named above.

As my parents were members of (what was to become) a UCC church in Massachusetts, I grew up with the idea of Annual Giving. In fact, I started to give 25¢ a week when I was in Sunday School back in the mid-50s.So, why do I give? To support all the missions of the church, including the buildings we offer to the community (our historic Meeting House and Parish House), and our financial and in-kind outreach. So please go to our Annual Giving Page by CLICKING HERE . 

Thank you for supporting UCG!

John Sawyer, Assistant Treasurer

this week at united

United Church on the Green hosts hundreds of events each year in our two buildings for outside community service organizations and non-profit groups. Our many rooms are used every day of the week for multiple events, day and evening. Many are regular weekly events, some monthly or annual events and a great many more are one time special events. We host these events to support the good work that these groups and organizations provide to local and state residents. CLICK HERE for a list of the many organizations we have hosted in the last few years. If your public service group is interested in discussing how our facilities might aid your mission, please contact Jack Russell, our Operations Director, at 203-787-4195 x102. 

May 24th:

  • 12Noon AA at the Meeting House
  • 7:00PM Hope After Loss at the Parish House
  • 7:30PM New Generation NA at the Parish House
  • 7:30PM UCG Choir Rehearsal at the Meeting House

May 25th: 

  • 12Noon AA at the Meeting House
  • 7:00PM Private Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at the Parish House

May 27th:

  • 10:00AM Worship at United Church: Guest Pastor Rev Edwin Perez, jr
  • 11:30AM Coffee Hour in the Bradley Room
  • 12:30PM Second Worship Service at the Meeting House
  • 4:30PM Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) at the Parish House
  • 5:00PM Shalom Congregation Worship and Potluck at Parish House

May 28th:

  • 12Noon AA at the Meeting House
  • 7:30PM Adult Faith Formation at the Parish House

May 29th: 

  • 12Noon Staff Meeting at the Parish House
  • 12Noon AA at the Meeting House

May 30th:

  • 12Noon AA at the Meeting House
  • 6:30PM NA Speakers Group at the Parish House

May 31st: 

  • 12Noon AA at the Meeting House
  • 7:30PM New Generation NA at the Parish House
  • 7:30PM UCG Choir Rehearsal at the Meeting House

June 1st:

  • 12Noon AA at the Meeting House
  • 3:00PM UCNS Annual Picnic at Lighthouse Park
  • 7:00PM Pride Prom at the Parish House

    Clergy search committee news

    Your pastoral search committee is seeking congregational participation as we begin our search for a new pastor to follow Pastor Bonnie Scott as she completes her service with us a year from now. We have scheduled a number of small-group meetings to solicit your concerns and hopes. Please feel free to share your thoughts and hopes for our next Settled Minister by e-mail or phone: 

     jjervis99@comcast.net, 203-773-3503.

    Program News

    United Church School Program
    Come join the fun with bible based learning activities on Sunday mornings! And, be sure to attend the special Children's Service being planned for June 3rd, starring our Youth Group members. Also in the works is a summer church school Theater Project - we suggest that our kids invite friends to join them for this exciting new experience!  

    Confirmation and Youth Groups Upcoming Events
    United Community Nursery School
    We are loving spring at the nursery school! We had a terrific trip to the CT Children's Museum, with lots of parent participation. Last week was "Teacher Appreciation Week" and families surprised us with tasty treats all week long and a big appreciation mural, made by kids and parents. Pastor Bonnie and the church provided a delicious cake, too! A few of our moms helped us plant our Playground Gardens yesterday, and we can hardly wait for our Painted Lady Caterpillars to arrive on Thursday! Please let your family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues know that we still have some spaces for Fall at the nursery school. Children need to turn 3 years old by December. We currently have a few full day spaces and several part day spaces available for fall, but we expect them to be filled soon, so  please spread the word. For more information, call 203 782-0141 x1 or email ucnsnewhaven@yahoo.com.

    Crafts Group
    Our Crafts Group usually meets on Wednesdays from 10 to 11:30 AM in the Parish House. New crafters are always welcome. Bring your own handwork: sewing, mending, quilting, embroidery, knitting, beading or other handwork. Enjoy wide-ranging conversation with this lovely group. Drop in for any meeting, we do not take attendance, ever. Our upcoming meetings are: Our upcoming meetings are on 6/7 & 6/21. Any questions, ask DeeDee, Cynthia, Sarah, Ruth Anne, Susan or Jean, or email jeanandjon71@gmail.com

    Food Focus Donations
    Now Once a Month, we would like to receive food donations as part of our Communion Service. Please bring in your food offering on the first Sunday of each month, or drop it off at the Parish House during business hours. In June we are collecting Canned Meat/ Poultry/ Fish (i.e. ham, Vienna sausage, chicken, tuna, salmon, etc.)

    Community Events

    The Pride Prom is Back! 

    The Pride Prom 2018 will be held on Friday, June 1st at 6:00PM in the Great Hall of our Parish House. The New Haven Pride Center in partnership with UCG will be sponsoring the festive event. All are welcome to join us for an LGBTQ - safe dance party event for youth ages 13-18, featuring DJ Dark Anjel, portraits by Lotta Studio and performances by The Imperial Sovereign Court of Connecticut. Free to attend, the event is made possible through community support raised during the Greater Give. The United Church Parish House is located at 323 Temple Street (corner of Wall), New Haven, CT 06516. For more information, go to: Pride Prom 2018

    We Are a Nation of Immigrants

    We are a sponsor of this "A Portrait of America Project" which is having a fundraiser to support its travelling art exhibit. This extraordinary public art exhibit features larger-than-life portraits of local immigrants, hung on the churches of the historic New Haven Green and surrounding areas. Three portraits have been installed on the exterior of our Meeting House. There will be a public opening for the project outside on the Green on June 8th. The images spotlight common humanity, by featuring immigrants of diverse backgrounds on the New Haven Green to be seen, valued and appreciated. Some are recent citizens, others are longtime residents. Some documented immigrants, some undocumented. Regardless of the journey that brought them to New Haven, these courageous men and women continue to form the heart of our welcoming city and to define our country. We all have a responsibility to do what we can to help uplift their voices. CLICK HERE for more information.

    Workshop on Safety in Our House of Worship

    Dunbar UCC is hosting a workshop: Safety in Our House of Worship: Active Aggressor Training, led by the Connecticut State Police on Saturday June 2nd, at 8:30AM. Light breakfast will be provided. There will be discussion on how to remain safe in our sacred places. Dunbar Church will be hosting this training for the 21 Congregational churches of the New Haven Association, CTUCC, and the 10 Congregational churches of the New Haven East Association. We ask that you let us know if you have contacts with area religious communities that might be interested in attending so invitations might be sent to them. Dunbar UCC is located at 767 Benham Street, Hamden CT 06514. Please RSVP to 203-288-2342, or office.dunbar@gmail.com. 

    The DCMT Family Festival

    This event will be held on June 2nd, at 12Noon at the Amistad Elementary School Gym and Field, 130 Edgewood Ave, New Haven, CT 06511. Activities include Horseback Riding, Climbing Wall, Free Books, Music and More. This event is free and open to the public.

    2018 American Language and Cultural Immersion Program

    During July 14 -21, an East Asian Middle School Student travel program is seeking local families to host participating students in their homes. Responsibilities include transporting the students to the New Haven Green for this exciting new program each morning at 9 a.m. and picking them up at 3 p.m., provide lodging, dinner and breakfast and a family atmosphere. Stipends of $400 per student for the week will be given to the host family. Optional evening group activities will be planned for anyone interested in participating. Some thoughts on what you can do as a host family:

    • Expose the students to the American way of family life, such as food preparation, laundry, cleaning, furniture, home style, family relationship, etc. 
    • Have the students tour the local community, go shopping, go to the coast, visit a state park nearby, etc. 
    • Read: the Bible, poetry, good literature, newspapers and magazines
    • Share life stories.
    • Listen to American music, watch American TV, play American games or sports, etc. 
    • Invite the students to introduce themselves, their families, and their schools.
    • Invite the students to tell stories.
    • Simply interact with the students, and give them opportunity to practice their English. 

    For more information, contact: Julie Peterman  julia.peterman@att.net 203-710-9850 or George Peterman thingfishp@yahoo.com 203-215-4461 or Thomas Peng thomascz_peng@hotmail.com 503-989-3778

    Friends of the Green

    Clean the Green Days for 2018 will happen on 8/18, 9/22 and 10/20 at 10:00AM. Gloves and Trash Bags will be provided. Go to the Friends of the Green Table at Chapel and Temple. For more information go to their Facebook Page: Friends of the Green.

    DCMT Family Festival

    This event will be held on June 2nd at 12Noon at the Amistad Elementary School Gym and Field, 130 Edgewood Ave, New Haven, CT 06511. Activities include Horseback Riding, Climbing Wall, Free Books, Music and More. This event is free and open to the public.

    The Greater New Haven Community Chorus

    The Chorus will present its Spring Concert "This Time We Share" featuring music from Mozart, Bernstein, Dolly Parton, Paul Simon, Dr Barnwell and others. The concert will be held on Saturday June 9th at 7:30PM at Battell Chapel, 400 College St, New Haven, CT 06511. Tickets are available at www.gnhcc.org

    The International Festival of Arts and Ideas

    The City of New Haven will once again be home to this reknownd series of performances. is back from June 9th to June 23rd. Experience artists from around the world while hanging out with neighbors across the street! The festival includes 15 days of incredible performances and there's something for everyone. Join this celebration of musicians old and new, from the iconic Beatles to up and coming Ruth B! Dance. Click this link for a full schedule: Arts + Ideas

    Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

    DESK is always in need of volunteers and packaged food donations for their daily Soup Kitchens and weekly food pantries. For more information visit their website: https://www.downtowneveningsoupkitchen.com/

    Community Resources

    Safe and Free Disposal of Household Chemicals

    Come drop off your hazardous household waste at the New Haven Water authority on Saturday Mornings 9:00AM to 12Noon at the South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority, 90 Sargent Drive in New Haven. For more information, including a list of accepted items and non-toxic household alternatives, please go to: HazWasteCentral.

    Consumer Law  Project for Elders

    The Consumer Law Project for Elders is a project of Connecticut Legal Services, Inc.  Funding is provided by the State of Connecticut Department of Aging Senior Medicare Patrol Program and by Connecticut Legal Services, Inc. For more information CLICK HERE.

    New Haven Reads

    New Haven Reads has four locations which serve the New Haven community. The newest is located at 85 Willow Street. Their mission is to help children and adults improve their reading skills and to provide books for them to read. NHR is seeking volunteers to help tutor individuals in one hour per week sessions. Tutors must be 15 years and older. For more information call 203-752-1923 or visit their website: www.newhavenreads.org.

    Street Sheet Reference Guide

    The Town Green Special Services District of New Haven has produced a useful reference guide for those seeking shelter, clothing, food banks, meals and other public support services. Here is a PDF copy:

    Twelve Step Recovery Programs

    Those interested in learning about available "Twelve Step" help in the New Haven Area can visit this website

    which lists locations, dates and times for substance abuse support group meetings in our region.

    New Haven Area Soup Kitchens and Pantries

    Those interested in learning about area

    Should visit the above websites which list places and times for donated food distribution to those in need.