We gather every Sunday at 10am in our Meeting House and via our YouTube Live Stream. We will continue to gather in this way to sing, pray, hear the message, and live out community. We welcome all people as an open and affirming congregation. Following worship we share our welcome with one another at Coffee Hour, both in person and via Zoom. We often have "Second Hour" discussions on important topics. Usually on the first Sunday of the month we celebrate communion (also called "eucharist" or "the Lord's Supper"). When we are together in person, all who are present, including children and guests, baptized or not, are invited to share the bread and cup. We always use grape juice instead of wine, out of respect for those persons who are striving to live in recovery. Also, there are gluten-free elements available for those who need them. While we are worshiping remotely, we celebrate communion with BYO elements:  something to eat and something to drink, whatever you have on hand and will enjoy. 

To make an on-line worship offering, please CLICK HERE.

Music & performance

St. Augustine is credited with saying, "The one who sings, prays twice." At United Church, we believe that music sets the tone for our worship--literally. For many, listening to beautiful music is a spiritual experience. It's like the Apostle Paul said: When we don't know how to pray, "the Spirit intercedes for us with sighs too deep for words" (Romans 8:26).

Our Director of Music, Caesar Storlazzi, ministers to the congregation in a wide variety of musical styles, from Handel's Messiah to Barnett's recent bluegrass mass. In addition, guest musicians broaden our musical horizons with jazz, blues, and gospel sounds. But listening to music is only part of the story. As in every facet of our faith life, we believe we are called to be not only consumers, but working partners. And so congregational singing grounds our worship life. In partnership with God and sisters and brothers around the world, we lift our voices not only in standard 4-part hymns (drawn from the Hymns of Truth and Light hymnal, as well as a library of other resources), but also songs of prayer and praise from many cultures. We don't worry about sounding good so much as feeling good, pouring out our hearts to God with the voices God gave us. After all, isn't that what every Parent wants to hear? 

Caesar has a creative gift and each Sunday directs our choirs and plays the Organ, piano, harpsicord and/or the oboe. We often have guest musicians and jazz offerings, and other varieties of music. In non-pandemic times, our United Church Choir rehearses Thursdays at 7:30pm at the meeting house (corner of Temple & Elm). Come on down when it's safe to gather and sing again, and give it a try!

federated youth ministry

Our Children and Youth Ministries work with our clergy and other UCC clergy to nurture their spiritual development. Children and adolescents are both welcome in separate programs. The program offers religious education including: Church School, confirmation classes, child care and fellowship opportunities and trips and community service projects. 

community OUTREACH

Our Committee for Outreach Ministries works in conjunction with our clergy to inform the Church of our Christian concerns at home and abroad; and to encourage the Church and its members to exhibit Christian social concern in the world. They allocate our budgeted funds to worthy causes and carry out projects that enable the Church to further the Kingdom of God on local, national and international levels. Some of the more than 100 community organizations that we have supported include:

  • Numerous "Twelve Step" Substance Abuse Groups
  • Columbus House & the Abraham's Tent Project
  • Christian Community Action
  • Chapel on the Green
  • The Amistad Committee
  • Yale Hunger & Homeless Action Project Soup Kitchens
  • Operation Fuel
  • Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services
  • Connecticut Fuel Bank
  • New Haven Scholarship Fund