Support our missions & programs

At United Church, we believe in giving not because we must, but because we may. Those whom we serve tell us every day what our support means to them. 

  • By giving to the work of the church, you can create positive outcomes for a great many people, from Twelve Step groups to Soup Kitchens to the homeless, to our Nursery School which provides tuition subsidies to all the families served. 
  • We also provide essential services that benefit hundreds for whom the Church may be their last or only resort. 
  • We support the change you wish to see in the world--more justice, more peace, more compassion. 
  • Your support helps spread the word that another way, and another world, are possible. 
  • There are lots of ways to leverage your generosity through the work and programs of United Church on the Green. 

There are many ways that you can financially support our Church:

  • The easiest way is to set up an Annual Giving Plan below and send us an email with your plan to give. 
  • You can make gifts one at a time or regularly by check, credit card or a bank bill pay program. 
  • We recommend you create a "set it and forget it" plan of monthly gifts.
  • However you support us, you will feel good and you will be doing good!

Thanks so much for your generosity and support!

annual giving

  • To create an annual giving plan of support you may use one of our Annual Giving CARDS which are available in the Meeting House or our Parish House. You can drop them in the mail or in the offering plate on Sundays. 
  • You can set up automatic recurring gifts using the button below or you can ask your financial institution to send us auto debit gifts. In either case, please email our Financial Secretary to let us know about your Annual Giving Plans.  
  • If you have questions or suggestions about supporting our Church you may also contact our Stewardship Committee to discuss giving options. 

worship offering

If you are unable to attend our worship services, and want to support our ministries through plate offerings, please use this button to provide one-time or recurring worship offerings.

community support projects

To help sponsor the many public service programs and activities we provide to the local community sponsored by our Outreach Committee, please use the button below to make your donation.

Donations in memoriam

To make a donation in memory of a loved one please use the button below, and contact our office (203-787-4195 x101) with the name of the person you wish to remember and how you wish your gift to be acknowledged and how you wish it to be used.